Sep 6, 2013

Denim Shirt As Outerwear

Ever been called a complete loon for donning double layers in Singapore?

When weather is on full-blast tease mode (in this case - torturous all-day-drizzling), it's hard to predict how much you should be throwing on without being one sloppy, sweaty mess by the end of the night. We're not encouraging reaching for the nearest double breasted suit, but rather breaking up the normal layering routine (the cardigan, anyone?), and playing it up with a an easy denim shirt.

It's the perfect layering tool.

For Him - Aiden shirt by Dr Denim, layered over a WeSC Alonso S/S Henley, paired with berms from Jack Spade. Shoes from Jack Purcell, and accessories from Komono, WeSC & Kiel James Patrick.

For Her - Dark Denim Shirt from WeSC, layered over a Twist & Tango Tiffany Dress. Classic 2750s from Superga, and accessories from Baggu, Komono & WoonHung.

Featuring new arrivals in store from WeSC, Twist & Tango, Jack Purcell & Komono. All products can be found at Rockstar, Orchard 22.

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