Dec 2, 2014

Festive Market 2014 : The Brightest Dazzle!

Our fairy lights are up, fuzzily familiar Christmas tunes are on our airwaves, and our fingers are fresh from gift-wrapping papercuts.. It's official - Christmas has landed at Rockstar!

No Christmas shopping is complete without scouring our annual Festive Market. This 2014 edition sees us going all black, gold, and ultra glitzy - Seriously, have you seen our store windows? Or our complimentary Rockstar wrapping paper?

Plain Vanilla Bakery will be popping-up at our Cineleisure store during the festivities (mark your calendars - 13 December till Christmas!), alongside the amazing selection of gift ideas we have lined up - ultra cute tumblers, iPhone cases, handmade clay jewellery, even cat teepees (IKR?!). The Letter J Supply, who will be popping up in our stores on the weekends of 13, 14, 20 & 21 Dec, will personally hand-write your favourite quotes or a message of well-wishing for a loved one. Could there be a sweeter gift?

So much more goodies will be rolled out along December. Meanwhile, peak our gift guide here, or our Instagram for the latest gifting news!


Dec 1, 2014

Behind the scenes : A shoot with @trishnarawr

A beautiful subject is someone with an illuminating personality - one that shines even right past the camera lenses. Blessed with unbelievably good weather just over the weekend, we shot the dewy @trishnarawr against the backdrop of our favourite historic quarter in Singapore - Arab street. Navigating our way through fresh walls of mural paintings (spot the latest one by @oakandbindi - the talented lady behind our Orchard 22 tropical walls! We vouch for this girl!), charming shopfronts, and the musky smells of shisha, we even had the luck of stumbling into our favourite neighbourhood cat - Fatness! Yes, we have a nickname for her...

Rockabilly Michigan Top in gold sequins / Rockabilly Erin Scuba Skirt in navy

Rockabilly Aerian Dress in orange

Magic Number T-Shirt / Rockabilly Overdrive Skirt in black / Superga Lea Ponyhair slip-ons in black

Rockabilly Daisy Lowe Dress in baby blue - coming online soon

View the actual shoot here, or visit our online site and shop the limited pieces above here. If this is your first catch of our online store, well... let's just say you're in for a treat.

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Nov 9, 2014

Skandinavisk Candles

As some of you might have guessed, I am an advocate of staying home and with the weather being so temperamental nowadays, I have more than enough reason to not leave my house (or my bed). Of course, if I were to remain home for most of the day, why shouldn't I tweak things around a little and make my experience more enjoyable?

Comfortable silk pants (from the brand Yacht 21, no less), a good book, and a warm cup of tea. The only thing that's missing is a candle. Once these scented candles from Skandinavisk are lit up, they will immediately help fill that void.

Each candle comes in a classy, well-designed Scandinavian-inspired cup that will make for a good pencil holder once it has finished burning. Each scent is distinguishable by the colour of its holder and are reminiscent of vast landscapes and raw seasons.

If you're not a fan of leaving burning candles around the house, you can also choose to leave them sitting on your shelf without lighting them up. The scent will still circulate, leaving your room smelling clean and fresh.


Nov 7, 2014

Behind the Scenes: Angy Culottes

Remember Efy from the mini Superga Lea slip-ons interview a week ago? We've roped her (and her twin, Jane) in once again for our photoshoot featuring the Angy Culottes from our very own Rockabilly label – available in 4 stunning colours. Don't worry, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you.

The edgy graphic designer duo aren't as stern as they seem on Instagram. During the photoshoot, they were as giggly and as playful as any other pair of loving sisters could be. Let's take a gander at some of the more light-hearted snaps from that day, shall we?

Here they are in our Tangerine coloured Angy Culottes.

I love how they look so identical but are still evidently different from the other, with each individual exuding her own distinct personality and style.

They are really rocking the Lime culottes here. The phrase "two is better than one" never held more meaning than it did.

If you were wondering, the Angy Culottes are in stores now. Check out the more serious set of photos here!

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Nov 2, 2014

Country Living Modern Rustic Magazine

Many of you here are probably loyal readers of some of the biggest names in the independent magazine industry, such as Kinfolk, Cereal, The Gentlewoman and Frankie – all of which consist of plenty of interesting and thought-provoking articles that seem to transport you to a completely different country at times.

Such well-articulated pieces definitely need to be given time to be read and appreciated, similar to how some wine need to be given time to age. What happens when you cannot afford the luxury of time due to your busy working schedule? Personally, I prefer flipping through magazines that are image heavy and have minimal text like this one here:

Country Living Modern Rustic is a magazine that showcases inspiring houses done up in a contemporary country style. 

What first caught my eye was the cover which got my interest piqued because it was so different to my idea of how a "rustic" interior ought to look.

Do your children fancy the modern rustic look as well?

Not only does the magazine feature interiors, it also provides inspiration on how you could furnish your backyard too.

It only takes 15 minutes to flip through the entire magazine since it is so image-heavy. Think of it as an Ikea catalogue, except it is more wonderfully curated around the theme of Modern Rustic.


Nov 1, 2014

A Walk in the Park with Grey by Ortenhill Sandals

The weekend is finally here! Don't spend those precious days out in town, being part of the bustling crowd, getting pushed around, and spending the majority of your time waiting in line. How about taking a walk in the park or driving down to your favourite cafe with your significant other or your family?

Sure, the recent rise in humidity seems to be forcing you indoors more often than usual but with the right footwear, staying outdoors might become a tad more enticing.

If you're an avid fan of Rockstar, you might have seen these Grey by Ortenhill sandals featured in quite a few of our Instagram and Facebook posts. What you might not have noticed is that these sandals aren't just a strictly ladies-only product, they are available in selected colours for the men too!

Here are the sandals in Blue Ink.

For all you bubbly, happy-go-lucky ladies who enjoy showing off your personality through your outfits, I'm sure you would love the sandals in Peach Cayenne. Just remember to get them in the right size and these leather sandals will be a dream to walk in.

If you still aren't feeling particularly outdoorsy, hop on over to our Facebook page here to check out more colours and models. You might change your mind.