Jun 19, 2013

New Arrivals : Loreak Mendian

Joyi T-shirt & Gona Skirt

LABEL DEBUT : Founded in 1995 with with more enthusiasm than experience, two Spanish lads embarked on the adventure of creating a clothing brand - and Loreak Mendian was born.

And what an adventure it was. Creating pieces that draw inspiration not from glaring runways, but from the experiences, sights, and sounds of real life, their understanding of a women's form is evident in their bright billowly pants in canary yellows and florals, forgiving A-line dresses in nautical patterns, and tie-back dresses in pretty Bahamas prints.

Each piece is proudly manufactured within the EU.

Loreak Mendian is now available exclusively at Orchard 22.

Tangerina Pants in Floral & Canary

Igeri Dress

Coltrane Shirt, Katerin Skirt

Kamakura Dress, Sleeveless Guajira T-shirt & Poxpolin Skirt

Poxpolin Dress, Bahamas Dress

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