May 8, 2013

New In : Knowledge Cotton Apparel

40 years of family experience + responsible environmental practice + passion for quality = The winning formula of Knowledge Cotton.

A Danish company founded in 1969, Knowledge Cotton prides itself on using only high quality and handpicked, 100% Certified Organic Cotton in their apparel. Armed with the knowledge that conventional cotton farming is one of the most water-intensive and cotton is one of the most toxic crops across all types of agriculture, the greater emphasis on using only organic cotton is based on not only on sustainability, but also for the fact that it is softer and gentler for sensitive skin.

The Spring/Summer 2013 collection was designed and developed with nature in mind, and inspired by the big Atlantic waves of Southwest France! Immersed in the local culture, and battling the waves while at that, it led to a whole new understanding of comfort between the beach and boardwalk.

“More than anything, we came away with a new outlook — Remember to take a break. Break out of the box. Get away from the crazy hectic world of ours. Go out and explore the nature. Battle her, taste her, study her details. But treat her well! Above all, enjoy life.” - We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

The Knowledge Cotton Apparel Spring/Summer 2013 collection is now available at both Rockstars (Cineleisure and Orchard 22). From SGD89 to SGD159.

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