Apr 9, 2013

Style Your (TOMS) Sole with MessyMsxi

We have been fans of illustrator extraordinaire MessyMsxi for awhile now (seriously, have you seen her Instagram shots?), and we are thrilled to have her headline our Style Your Sole workshop with TOMS this coming Tuesday (16 April) at Orchard 22.

We are throwing Style Your Sole in conjunction with One Day Without Shoes, and the best part of this is - You don't have to go barefoot to be a part of this worldwide movement. In this 1 hour workshop, MessyMsxi will guide you through simple masking techniques to come up with your very own one-of-a-kind patterns, or teach you how to transform your TOMS into your favourite "oxford" shoes. Time to give your rusty imagination a big ol stretch! You can purchase a pair of TOMS on that very day (we promise a restock!), or don't be shy to bring your old TOMS down. Like they say, old is gold.

Are you not excited already? Well, we know we are. Did we also mention that it's a complimentary? All paint and craft supplies will be provided, and all we need is for you to be there. Click here for full details.

++ Workshop participants can also look forward to complimentary cupcakes courtesy of Plain Vanilla Bakery + juicy burgers from FatBoy's! The sassy duo from In Merry Motion will also be working their magic on our space - you have no choice but to come down and see what the fuss is all about.

Also, while you get yourself all rev-ed up for this workshop, here' some on-going projects by MessyMsxi worth sparing the time for...

Currently on at Madnest - MessyMsxi x Shentonisa for ‘The Unusual Suspects’ - A first-of-its-kind exhibition that pairs local street-style photographers with notable illustrators of their choice. Here, personal traits, habits, dreams and fears are portrayed in a lighthearted and whimsical fashion - a stark contrast to the severity and sombriety of the corporate landscape they are all too familiar with.

MessyMsxi's Breakfast Barter is a interactive concept, whereby visitors can draw their ideal breakfast or a breakfast representation on the standard template which she has prepared, in exchange for one of her breakfast postcard. She has held 3 of such barters thus far!

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