Jun 12, 2012

COMMON GOOD : Soaps & Cleansers

All Purpose Spray / Hand Soap / Dish Soap

Hand Soap in Lavender / All Purpose Spray in Tea Tree

Dish Soap in Bergamot / Unscented

A streamlined range of everyday soaps and cleaners for the family - COMMON GOOD, from Brooklyn NY, produces safe, kind and inexpensive products for people and the environment.

A little backstory - The minds behind this green label went through a steep learning curve. Prop stylists in their former lives (and equipped with zero experience in soap-making), they gathered help from chemists, did tons of self-research, and through their unwavering belief and vision of what they wanted, brought their vision to life.

All products are concentrate, so you use less to get the job done. They are also 100% readily biodegradable and plant based where possible. You will never find any traces of phthalates or 1.4 dioxane in them. For scented products, only 100% pure essential oils are used.

Our favourite is the All Purpose Spray in Tea Tree. With just a point and spray, it keeps our kitchen appliances (especially the area under the sink) back in tip-top shape.

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