Nov 1, 2014

A Walk in the Park with Grey by Ortenhill Sandals

The weekend is finally here! Don't spend those precious days out in town, being part of the bustling crowd, getting pushed around, and spending the majority of your time waiting in line. How about taking a walk in the park or driving down to your favourite cafe with your significant other or your family?

Sure, the recent rise in humidity seems to be forcing you indoors more often than usual but with the right footwear, staying outdoors might become a tad more enticing.

If you're an avid fan of Rockstar, you might have seen these Grey by Ortenhill sandals featured in quite a few of our Instagram and Facebook posts. What you might not have noticed is that these sandals aren't just a strictly ladies-only product, they are available in selected colours for the men too!

Here are the sandals in Blue Ink.

For all you bubbly, happy-go-lucky ladies who enjoy showing off your personality through your outfits, I'm sure you would love the sandals in Peach Cayenne. Just remember to get them in the right size and these leather sandals will be a dream to walk in.

If you still aren't feeling particularly outdoorsy, hop on over to our Facebook page here to check out more colours and models. You might change your mind.