Dec 1, 2014

Behind the scenes : A shoot with @trishnarawr

A beautiful subject is someone with an illuminating personality - one that shines even right past the camera lenses. Blessed with unbelievably good weather just over the weekend, we shot the dewy @trishnarawr against the backdrop of our favourite historic quarter in Singapore - Arab street. Navigating our way through fresh walls of mural paintings (spot the latest one by @oakandbindi - the talented lady behind our Orchard 22 tropical walls! We vouch for this girl!), charming shopfronts, and the musky smells of shisha, we even had the luck of stumbling into our favourite neighbourhood cat - Fatness! Yes, we have a nickname for her...

Rockabilly Michigan Top in gold sequins / Rockabilly Erin Scuba Skirt in navy

Rockabilly Aerian Dress in orange

Magic Number T-Shirt / Rockabilly Overdrive Skirt in black / Superga Lea Ponyhair slip-ons in black

Rockabilly Daisy Lowe Dress in baby blue - coming online soon

View the actual shoot here, or visit our online site and shop the limited pieces above here. If this is your first catch of our online store, well... let's just say you're in for a treat.

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