Nov 2, 2014

Country Living Modern Rustic Magazine

Many of you here are probably loyal readers of some of the biggest names in the independent magazine industry, such as Kinfolk, Cereal, The Gentlewoman and Frankie – all of which consist of plenty of interesting and thought-provoking articles that seem to transport you to a completely different country at times.

Such well-articulated pieces definitely need to be given time to be read and appreciated, similar to how some wine need to be given time to age. What happens when you cannot afford the luxury of time due to your busy working schedule? Personally, I prefer flipping through magazines that are image heavy and have minimal text like this one here:

Country Living Modern Rustic is a magazine that showcases inspiring houses done up in a contemporary country style. 

What first caught my eye was the cover which got my interest piqued because it was so different to my idea of how a "rustic" interior ought to look.

Do your children fancy the modern rustic look as well?

Not only does the magazine feature interiors, it also provides inspiration on how you could furnish your backyard too.

It only takes 15 minutes to flip through the entire magazine since it is so image-heavy. Think of it as an Ikea catalogue, except it is more wonderfully curated around the theme of Modern Rustic.