Oct 12, 2014

What LASALLE Students Wear

To be honest, before I enrolled myself in LASALLE College of the Arts, I didn't even know where the school was situated. I barely heard of the school, let alone knew about how the students there dressed.

Naturally, I was in for a surprise on my first day in school 3 years ago. Most of the students were dressed to the nines, each with a distinctive style and proud of it. Of course there were some students who chose to wear their pajamas to school but hey, no judging here! It's comfort over style for some people.

For those who are curious as to how the students of LASALLE dress, here's a peek:

I bumped into Christine whilst she was on her way to the nearby convenience store to grab a quick snack. Her outfit caught my eye because of how simple and understated it was, proving to many that you don't have to dress in a flamboyant manner to stand out from the crowd.

By the way, I love those pants, Christine!

Abigale and Jazreel were walking around the fourth floor of school together, both looking particularly adorable in their respective overalls. This just goes to show how colour, details, and the way one styles a piece of clothing can drastically change a look. All the more reason to own a type of item in various colours and styles.

Yes, her name really is Margarita. A unique name accompanied with a unique personal style, mmm, how apt! I'm loving how clean Margarita's outfit looks, mainly because of how the pleated skirt adds a bit of oomph to the outfit and makes it more appealing to the eye.

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