Oct 10, 2014

How-To: Go Bold

Bold, tropical prints have been trending for some time now but there hasn't been that many people rocking them on the streets. Could it be that we are just a tad unsure on what to style them with?

Fret not! Here's Eileen to the rescue with 2 outfits featuring the Amazon Box Top available at both Rockstar outlets – goes well with the blazing heat we've been experiencing of late, no?

One thing you must always keep in mind is to let them prints shine! Keep the rest of the outfit simple, understated, and allow the prints to speak for themselves instead. After all, that was the whole point of going bold, wasn't it?

Here it is, paired with Soludos Lace-ups in Black Natural Raffia (hint: coming soon to our online store!) for that casual, yet polished look.

Want something more playful? How about styling it with a pair of overalls? Denim, white or black – that's your choice. Unhook one of the shoulder straps and slip on a snapback to bump up your badass, I-don't-care factor.

Now that you've gotten a hint or two about how to style such prints, go experiment and make sure that your confidence is bigger and bolder than these prints you've got on!

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