Sep 19, 2014

Feature: A Peek Inside By Invite Only's Studio

Armed with a pair of pliers and a handful of semi-precious stones, Trixie Khong, founder and designer of By Invite Only, turned her hobby (from back in her frumpy blue, chemical engineering jumpsuit days) into a full-fledged jewellery business that is now stocked worldwide.

Her jewellery label is one of the hot-shots in our store. With almost every piece handmade by her, these eye-catching pieces often fly off our shelves faster than we can shout "restock!"

A couple days back, Trixie opened up the doors of her cosy studio for us to sneak a peek...

As you juggle the roles of both designer and owner of By Invite Only, how do you keep ​yourself inspired?

I love travelling alone - enjoying some me-time, and going to places I've never been to before.

I travel to Seoul a lot for materials sourcing, but I do sneak a couple of days to explore the city. I love their design aesthetic – from the interior design of their stores and houses to their fashion. It's clean and contemporary, and yet it’s still able to blend traditional elements together seamlessly.

Walk us through your design process. Is there a special ingredient that goes into every piece?

We usually create the centerpieces first, then find metal parts to match. The special ingredient is my gut feeling about each piece.

Crystal Quartz necklace. Learn how to make this at the Jewellery Crafting Workshop happening at Rockstar on 27 & 28 September!

The crystal quartz necklace ​is one of our favorite wardrobe staples. Describe the woman you had in mind when you designed this.

Independent, youthful, and someone who has her shit put together.

How do you unwind?

Go for a deep tissue massage!

What song is on repeat when you need design fuel?

Hideaway by Passionpit

Are you inspired yet? Pick up tricks of the trade (basic jewellery crafting skills) from Trixie in a 1.5 hour long workshop next weekend. Held at Rockstar, Orchard 22 with exclusive slots available!

Click here for more information, or head down to our stores to reserve yourself (and a girlfriend) a slot! You know you want to.