Dec 17, 2013

Newest In! - Archer Wrap by KIEL JAMES PATRICK

The Archer Wrap collection in Birchstock Totum & Jayhawk

A grown-up take on the friendship bracelet, the Archer Wrap bracelet from Kiel James Patrick is crafted with as much care as you would from a best friend.

The brass closure allows for just as much sentimental meaning, without the limitations of a friendship bracelet that can only be removed with scissors.

This latest series features a hand-stamped brass arrow clasp, and as always, is locally produced in Rhode Island. This saturated collection is made from fishtail-braided pearlized cotton thread.

Stacked on the wrists, these are sure to be conversation-starters at any party. More colours to check out in stores.

Also in stores - restocks of selected colours from the Lanyard Hitch and Triton Knot series.

The Triton Knot series

The Lanyard Hitch series

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