Dec 12, 2013

Hot Label Debut : Carré Royal Paris!

Zipped wallet, Auteuil line - From premium smooth & dense cowhide leather

We have an announcement to make - We have found THE Perfect Leather Wallet.

How did we know? It fulfilled all our requirements -

Perfect Leather Wallet Checklist
☑ Made of buttery soft genuine leather (no time to deal with flaky PVC-related issues)
☑ No stark, in-your-face branding
☑ Made in a reputable leather tannery
☑ Do not have to starve for a month after purchase

Small Coin Purse with Clasp, Auteuil line

Based in Paris, Carré Royal turns the best French and European leather into refined small leather accessories. Since the 1950s, they have been crafting well-made, timeless wallets and purses with an elegant, no-frills flair to suit the needs of the modern day traveler.

Trifold Purse with Clasp, Auteuil line

Key Holder with Zip Closure, Auteuil line

Zipped wallet, Auteuil line

In stores now!