Sep 24, 2013

Out & About : Savour Your Weekend

For her - Twist & Tango anya blouse, Honore jeanette skirt, Soludos neon lining espadrilles, Soludos hibiscus print tote


Do you feel like time is never on your side?

The deadlines and appointments never seem to end. You're always kept on your toes, ever attuned to your watch. Even when the to-do list has all been crossed out, you are already panning out tomorrow's. Only midway through the week and you find yourself idealizing the weekend in all it's glory - Rolling out of bed later, having that picturesque pancake stack, in that new cafe...

Once you actually get there, you realise - You don't know how to savour it. Like how you allow your mind to drift off during the workweek, you are already dreading Monday, on a Saturday. You drift off in your private bubble of worries for the oncoming week. And so, here we go again.

The saying is you are what you think. We think that it is also true that you are what you wear. Once the weekend encroaches... let it. Make that first step by breaking out of that mind-numbing routine and replacing the usual form-fitting outfits with soft, comfortable pieces where movement is encouraged rather then restricted. And pick the pieces in bright pops of colour - Life is sweeter beyond black and white.

For him - Shirts by WeSC & Knowledge Cotton, Dr Denim donk chinos, Soludos espadrilles in blue ikat

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