Aug 15, 2013

Coming Soon : Ix Style

When we first set eyes on these sandals from Ix Style (pronounced "eeks" - say it 3 times!),
we knew this was it.

We've long been advocates of ladies dressed for comfort, hence the hardstrong stand for women in sneakers. We also knew that going forward, we'd expand on that idea and give you the choice of option. (Sidenote : Ladies, no matter how good the shoes look, heels too high to walk properly in and blisters that show are really not a good look!)

Introducing Ix Style - A line of woven leather sandals handmade by artisans in Guatemala (where the founders are from), and already making waves on, Harper's Bazaar & Refinery29, they will be made available at Rockstar very soon.

But what ultimately won us over took so much more than that. The feel good factor behind Ix was inspired by the book, Start Something That Matters, written by TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie. For every pair of Ix Sandals that you purchase, a portion of the sales goes to building a clean drinking water project in Guatemala.

We can't help but feel like we've come full circle. And so excited are we to share this with you, we thought we'd do a giveaway for these. Sounds like a good idea? Then better watch this space.

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