Apr 24, 2013

Rockstar takes on New York City

Rockstar goes to Bali, to Los Angeles, and then to Seoul...

This week, we relive our ultimate city experience - in none other than the gigantic melting pot of New York City. Romanticised in all forms imaginable - Film (Gangs of New York), musicals (West Side Story), books (Bright Lights, Big City) and into the radio airwaves with no mercy (Empire State of.. wait. Do we really have to list this one?). Now it's time we put our own spin to it.

This is a city that demands all of you. Feel the non-stop rumble of ill-maintained subways speeding impatiently beneath your feet. The ambulance sirens wail deep into the night - You eventually learn to sleep on it. Up in SoHo, rub shoulders with angsty New Yorkers sashaying ruthlessly past you. They are also probably not one to hide what they think about all that picture-taking. Stepping into Bergdorfs is akin to stepping into a world of (extremely perfumed) excess - which revolts yet inspires - all at the very same time.

A multi-sensory overload - Blink and you miss it. This is why we love the Big Apple.

So here now, take our hand. But before we start, plug in your earphones and soak it all in with this ♫ Made for New York playlist ♫ put together by the good people over at Bandwagon Singapore.

If you have time to spare -
- Mascot Mafias on Times Square
- Think you've seen it all from local MRT commuters on STOMP? Think again...
- The Circus of Fashion Shows

Don't miss our NYC selects in our next post!

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