Mar 14, 2013

Rockstar ♥ Los Angeles -7 Highlights

Last week, we took you on a visual journey to Bali, as well as picked out Rockstar must-haves to complete the soul-searching experience. This week, we're taking on a different kind of coastal paradise, all the way on the other side of the globe. Welcome to the City of Angels.

There must be a reason why we feel so much affinity with Los Angeles. Maybe it is the familiarity of the year-round sunshine and its proximity to the sea, or the laid-back and overtly smiley nature of Angelinos that makes us feel all funky inside. Or it could also be the fact that when everything is so sprawled apart, going about on a seemingly normal activity (like getting a burger at a drive-through) can seem like
one big adventure.

This week, we bring you 7 highlights from our trip to the City of Angels - Visiting a legendary burger joint, renting a beautiful vacation loft without having to break the bank, and having the senses awakened at a
boardwalk freakshow.


Admire Art, Architecture & Natural Beauty at the Getty Center

Exuding an aura too strong to ignore atop the Santa Monica mountains is the Getty Center. Spending a full day here is highly recommended. Soak in pre-20th century American & European art, as well as enjoy the amazing views surrounding it - the landscape of the big Pacific blue, and the flow of cars beneath.

Sounds like L.A ♫ - A 10-track playlist (think How to Dress Well, Craftspells, Four Tet) compiled by our Bandwagon friends, that we can so imagine having it turned up, with our windows down, cruising down Sunset Strip...

The Getty is blessed with ample sunlight. Natural light is one of their most important architectural elements. The paintings galleries on the Museum's upper level are all naturally lit, with special filters to prevent damage to the artworks.

The plush greenery all around the Getty makes it the most ideal reading spot.


Have a Legendary In'N'Out Burger
A trip to LA is not complete without a visit to this famed burger chain.
Get the extraordinary Double Double, with NO veggies.

*Fun Fact* In-N-Out prints discreet references to Bible verses on their paper containers.

Other worthy burger mentions : Mel's Drive-In & Hole in the Wall Burger Joint


Put up at a Gorgeous Art Loft
LA is full of affordable vacation rentals, and we found one right up our alley at Angelus Place, a 10 minutes walk from Abbott Kinney. So you don't get all the fuss of room service and house-keeping, but intimate touches (personal CD collection to explore, old books) are hard to beat. Ours came with the most
interesting history.

Pictured is an art loft, envisioned by a famous architect who built this as a painting studio especially for his artist wife - The floors were filled with paint splatters. Airbnb is our best bet for vacation rentals, and a good place to get inspired for the next getaway.


Shopping at Abbot Kinney
Dubbed the 'Coolest Block in America' by GQ magazine, Abbot Kinney is a treasure trove with a mix of commercial stores, independent cafes & world-class restaurants. We found stationery shops, vintage home furnishings, coffee joints, art galleries and hair salons.

We loved the unpretentious vibe at Abbot's Habit. Get their vanilla latte!

We found Jack Spade!

*Fun Fact* The Shirley Temple, a non-alcoholic cocktail, was invented in Los Angeles.


Question your Sanity at Venice Beach Boardwalk
A place almost lost in time - Walk down this world-famous boardwalk and be prepared to be amused. You cannot find a more unique blend of people anywhere else - Hippies, hobos, lost travelers, green doctors, starlets, street performers - all vying for your undivided attention. We spotted a handful of traumatized tourists.

Head on over to Venice Beach for a calmer atmosphere after.

Venice beach - the coast that goes on for miles...

Look out for wistful old men still clinging on to their metal detectors.


At Hollywood Improv

Visit a Comedy Club
Dave Chappelle & Andy Kaufman - they started their careers here. Comedians the world over find some way or another to make their way through LA's comedy clubs, hoping for an accidental stumble into fame and stardom. If you are a fan of stand-up comedy, this is something that is definitely not to be missed.


Take a Walk Down Hollywood
And of course, who goes to LA and not visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame? It's not everyone's cup of tea, and cliche as it is, it's nice to take a moment and savour the thought of sharing the exact same spot Audrey Hepburn was on, albeit 50 years later.


In our next post, we pick out our LA essentials - The best walking & trekking shoes, the most stylish (and affordable) timepieces and the most reliable gadget protective sleeves.

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