Feb 20, 2013

In love all over again... with JACK SPADE!

Swedish M90 Cordura Dipped Coal Bag in Green/Black

We've never fallen out of love with Jack Spade.

Unlike most relationships, there are no dull moments. He does it by being cheeky, unexpected. He has a certain je ne sais quo about him, an unknowable quality that sets him apart. Just when we think we've seen it all, Jack Spade whips out his best cards, easily winning the men in our team over, and the ladies are switching camps - Slowly but surely keeping their Kate Spade bags away to make space for these new ones...

For the newest arrivals in store at Orchard 22, Jack Spade very expertly tackles camouflage print. New life is injected into the Coal Bags using a unique and distinctive Swedish Army spinter camouflage pattern, and then fused with his signature dip-dye style.

Constructed from extra-tough Cordura, the bag also features a waxwear trim, contrast reinforced bottom and removable shoulder strap

Swedish M90 Cordura Dipped Coal Bag in Green/Orange

Full zip closures to ensure nothing spills out

Swedish Army spinter camouflage pattern

Stowaway Tote in Blue Stripe

The Stowaway is a ladies favourite, and an easy to take away, must-have spare bag for travelling. It collapses into a small carrying pouch for easy storage, and the pouch doubles as a functional snap-in pocket when the tote is in use. Crafted from a featherweight nylon material that is stronger and more structured than the typical foldaway bag, there is no compromise in quality.

Small leather goods :

Mill Leather Wallets & Cardcases in tobacco

Accordian Zip Wallet in Mill Leather

This all-purpose wallet features an expansive accordion pocket with zip closure, six credit card slots, four sleeves, and currency pocket.

Small Bankers Envelope in Boarskin & Nylon

Completely padded and a perfect fit for iPads.

Discover Jack Spade's charm at Rockstar (Orchard 22). Older styles of coal bags going for 35% off, while stocks last!

P.S. For the month of February, purchase any 2 items from Jack Spade and get a 15% off instantly.

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