Nov 28, 2012

Festive Market 2012 : Happy Holidays!

The annual Rockstar Festive Market is now on!

Do you remember our festive markets from 2010 and 2011? 
This year, we're celebrating the idea of tradition and going back to the roots: We've filled our ceilings with iconic red Christmas stockings, painted snowflakes, candy canes and glitter stars. Our tables are peppered with paper trees, and painted jars that we illustrated on our own! 

While not all of us celebrate Christmas formally, it's always nice to pay homage to traditions, follow a rule or two -- and do things a certain way sometimes for great reasons, sometimes just because that's the way things are done.
This holiday, we say (1) Gather with people you love, (2) Pick great, enjoyable gifts, (3) Do up a fun advent calendar, (4) Have a Christmas tree, (5) Sing any happy tune, (6) Be joyful!    

We've really stocked up on cute products just for the market bustle, with more goods coming in these next few weeks leading up to Christmas.

Pouchettes and Dolls inspired by the great names of Rock'n'Roll & Couture by My Name is Simone 

Rockstar's very own in-house holiday cards / The Champion Star series from KEDS

Clutches from Alphabet Bags  / Designy temporary tattoos (in packs & singles) from Tattly 

Rattlesnake necklaces & bracelets from Singaporean designer, WoonHung

Make-up pouches from Alphabet Bags + Jamie's Christmas edition magazine / 
Delicate rings from Icing Jewelry 

++ Complimentary gift-wrapping with every purchase 
++ Christmas Helpers on hand to pick out the best gifts

Happy Holidays,
from The Rockstar Family

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