Sep 6, 2012

Saught Jewelry - For Hope, Freedom & Peace

With an admirable resolve to want to make a difference, SAUGHT, a young Singaporean social business presents a remarkable concept that sounds to us like a total game changer: SAUGHT goes into post-conflict countries, seeks out war remnants (artillery shells) littered on massive disused lands, and together with crafters based in the home country, produces the most authentic, beautiful jewellery.

You will see at Rockstar, 3 collections made entirely out of scrap metal supplied by international and Cambodian de-mining organisations. Together with the expertise of Cambodia NGO partners, and ideas and skills from a team of students hand-picked from Temasek School Of Design, they have come up with intelligent designs which convey a story of transformation and to spark social change.

Each Saught product is a statement for hope, freedom and peace. For more information, do visit their website at Now available at Rockstar.

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